Ex-Offender Services


Website: www.exoffenders.net

Exoffenders.net is a website that offers resources and information for those that have been jailed for felony offenses.


Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH)

Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA)

Trinity-Washington Building

270 Washington Street

Suite 1198

Atlanta, GA 30334

Contact: Erin Anderson (Governor’s Office of Transition, Support & Reentry)

Phone: 1.770.639.8517

Website: www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/specialneeds/programs/rph.asp

The Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH) is a means to provide housing to convicted felons who remain in prison after the Parole Board has authorized their release due solely to having no residential options.

The goal of the RPH Program is to provide short-term financial assistance to help stabilize an individual’s re-entry process to enhance his or her ability to remain crime free.